iZiK Haze

The 1st official release from A.C.E is by up and coming artist Yung iZiK.  A song about love lost and lessons learned. A king is nothing without his queen.  👑👑

We asked Yung iZiK what motviated him to start making music and this is what he told us.  

"I come from a household where I was born into music. 🎼 My pops was and still is a producer/artist and my mother a singer for her self and friends with a voice of an angel.😇 Now with my brother as the singer/rapper, me as the rapper/singer, and my pops as producer/manager/artist, anything and everything is possible through each other.

Music is my way to feel free when I’m trapped  
to express emotions never seen by the world  
by an individual like no other.  Through music 🎶 I can conquer the world 🌎 with just thoughts and emotions  and change it with truth and love."